Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Hens, carpets and gravel!

Here are our new girls! I’m not a fan of soap operas, but when I was a child, I remember watching Coronation Street with my Nan so, when naming our new additions; it just HAD to be done. Welcome to Ena (Sharples), Betty (don’t know what her surname was), Hilda (Ogden) and Mavis (Riley).

Nearly one week on and they are getting their feathers back. They have learnt to scratch around in the dirt, stretch their wings and even jump up onto the roof of the hen house we borrowed for them. Tonight, we put them into our own hen house with our Buff Orpington girls and, hopefully, by tomorrow they will all be fully integrated.

Oh, and the eggs! We were a bit worried about the quantity we would get, as they are ex-battery hens but, no need! We are getting 3 eggs a day and, yes, they are delicious. Our Buffs lay pale, creamy coloured eggs – these are ever so slightly smaller and brown. We had one egg laid in the transporter box as we brought them to their new home and we gave it to my niece – first egg for a special young lady.

The other exciting thing that has happened is our new stair runner! It was fitted today – our bargain, half price, lovely, scrummy, Roger Oates carpet. (It looks more pink in the photos but it is actually a raspberry colour!) During our alterations, we moved the staircase and, on one of my eBay forages, I found an antique stair rope and carpet clips – so, a stair runner it just had to be. Roger Oates’ studio is in Eastnor, Herefordshire and I have long loved his carpets and visited the studio shop often, as it is just down the road. Our latest visit brought with it the delight in finding a runner that was only ever produced as a sample, and there was enough for our stairs! At half the normal price, it had to be……..

And finally for today, I am off to bed to get an early night in preparation of a gravel delivery which, with mum and dad, I will be spreading over the membrane I have laid in the front garden. Tomorrow night, no doubt, I will have a bad back and blistered hands from raking!


Preseli Mags said...

So much to envy here (including the usual 'henvy' - I love Buff Orpingtons). That stair carpet is just gorgeous. What a brilliant find, and the kitchen and the other pictures of your house look fabulous too. *sigh* I just wish mine looked half as good, but it still looks like a bombsite!

Preseli Mags said...

PS: Betty Turpin, if memory serves me correctly. Great names!

mountainear said...

Yes 'henvy' here too - with you tlc they'll soon be looking sleek again.

And that runner is gorgeous - too good to walk on - I hope you float up the stairs.

prettyshabby said...

Hi Carmen..I've finally got round to leaving you a message, I have been reading back through lots of your posts..that extension is mighty impressive and very beautiful too..oh how I long for a big kitchen like yours! Glad to see your girls are settling in ok..they just seem to suit those sort of names don't they? bless!
We had our R.O runner half price too and it was a one off olive green colour the same pattern as your lovely raspberry one..(we went in hoping to buy the red one as it happens)I had hankered after one for near the studio does have it's perks at sale time doesn't it!! Hope the gravel job wasn't too tough on you..raking is not one of my favourite activities I must say!
Sairer x

KittyB said...

Betty Turpin, yes. Lovely hens - and gorgeous gorgeous house.

Angel said...

Ah, what lovely hens. Great names.

btw-hope to see you at Ludlow for the Medieval Fair- 29th Nov??

Take care

Exmoorjane said...

Noooo, wherever I go I find hens, new hens, more hens!
LOVE the runner....really fab. Now off to nose at your kitchen.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

delighted you were able to give those hens a new lease of life.

Fennie said...

What a runner! And you have that beautiful antique rope banister! Serious envy here as it reminds me of my grandparent's Georgian 'flat' in Edinburgh on two levels connected by a winding spiral stone staircase with a rich red carpet (almost raspberry) and the big thick - can't quite get my toddler hand around it - rope banister. Thanks for bringing back memories! Good luck with the hens. They all look horribly familiar.